Hazzan, Performer, Educator

Modim - We Give Thanks

Performance of Modim at Theatro Goya in July 2016 in Madrid. Part of the Cantors Assembly Mission to Spain.

Keren Or

At Palau de Musica Catalan, Barcelona July 2016  

All the stars hidden away  And the moon in a pitch black night  From the north  And south to Yemen  Not a ray of light   Morning, loyal widower  Clutch your grey sack tight  From the north  And south to Yemen  Not a ray of light    No light, not a ray of light   Light a small white candle  In this darkened tent,  This heart of mine  From the north  And south to Yemen  Then a brilliant light will shine!  The light, the light will shine 

Dodi Li / Erev Shel SHoshanim

Two classic hebrew love songs, joined together. Share with the special someone in your life. Performed by Hazzan Alisa Pomerantz-Boro, who is known for her moving renditions of liturgical and popular works. 

Erev music is by Yosef Hadar and the lyrics are by Moshe Dor. Dodi music by Nina Chen. Produced and arranged by David Kates and Jeffrey Silverman.

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